The machining department is equipped with 2 CNC Lathes (fitted with bar feeds), 4 CNC Machining Centres and 1 CNC Vertical Borer. 

The CNC technology enables comparative ease of setting up the machines and provides an ability to store programs and repeat the proess reliably and accurately.

The capacities of the machines are listed below.


CNC Lathes

  • Bar capacity 44mm (1.75") Max
  • Diameter 356mm (14") Max
  • Cutting Length 356mm (14")


CNC Machining Centres

  • X Axis 1524mm (60")
  • Y Axis 762mm (30")
  • Z Axis 610mm (24")

CNC Vertical Borer

  • Max Height 765mm
  • Max Diameter 1100mm


The department is also complimented with Manual Drills, Manual Mill, Manual Lather and an Engraving Machine so that we can offer a wider service.