Product Examples

We manufacture thousands of different products for our diverse customer base. Approximately 80% of our output is mild steel, 10% stainless steel, 5% aluminium and the balance in diverse materials such as copper, plastic and rubber. These products range from simple low volume parts produced on manual machines to high volume parts and complex assemblies requiring state-of-the-art computer controlled machinery.

Our core business is the fabrication of sheet metal products for diverse customers in many industry sectors, including electronics, screen printing, power generation, filtration, building, defence and aerospace. Batch sizes range from one to several thousand and products are typically supplied in a finished or painted condition so that they are ready to use by our customers.

Every product is produced to order and designed to meet our customers specifications. Turnaround is typically between two and four weeks depending on complexity but can be same day for simple 'panic' parts. These pages give an overview of the range of products we produce, this is by no means a comprehensive catalogue so please contact us if you would like further advice or a quotation.

Houchin Spares

Please contact us for a quote for the following Houchin Spares that are stocked at Stevens & Carlotti:

Turntable Ring - 862-5056 TT500HOU
Beam Axle 40" - 861-2754 BA50HB5203S
Beam Axle 58" - 861-2267 BA50HB5
Leaf Spring - 861-6643

Quotations available on request

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