Quality & Inspection

Accredited to ISO 9001 standards

Quality is ensured by our ISO 9001 accredited production control system and undergoes regular external audits.


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Attention to detail

Quality and Inspection are fundamental to our business, ensured as follows:-

  • Each manufacturing stage has a generic list of quality instructions covering the process.
  • Each part has it’s own specific list of quality instructions (if not covered generically).
  • Final Inspection is also carried out (where it is deemed necessary).
  • The specific list of quality instructions and final inspection is built into the routing of the part.
  • Each worker is responsible for their own quality and in particular to apply the generic and specific quality instructions to the processes of the parts they are producing.

Faro Arm Laser Scanner

Where Final Inspection has been deemed necessary, the department is equipped with:

  • A Faro Arm portable measuring machine with laser scanning capability
  • Various Manual Inspection and Measuring Tools


The Faro Arm can laser scan, taking thousands of measurements to quickly compare against a 3D model of the part. We have found this to be an effective way of checking parts for size, hole positions and folding discrepancies.